Aussie Teddies
Bearaphanalia Bears
Bentley Bears
Bunting -Thoms Teddybären
Sugar Shack Surprise Bears
The Bear Menagerie
Cindy Anschutz - One More Bear
Hoo Bears
Christine Pike Bears
Harding Syred Bears
Scallywag Bears

Some of My Favourite Bear Haunts
Bear Pile
Free the Bears Fund
Teddybear and Friends

Some of My Favourite Sites
Amron Silkies Haunted House
Barks and Meows
Mark's Secret of the Sapphire ~~Bud~~
No Puppy Mills
St. Patrick's Day,Silky style
Shooter the Yorkshire Terrier, simply delighful!
The Rainbow Bridge
Zachary Bear Silky Terrier Extrordinaire


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